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About Mama April

I am Mama April, an expert spell caster and spiritualist. I hail from generations of African traditional healers blessed with ancestral psychic powers. I was taught from a very young age and only when I had surpassed my teachers was I allowed to practice.

I have been practicing for well over 25 years and throughout these years I have honed my talents and skills into ensuring that I help people from all walks of life. My methods are simple as I only use white magic to assist people and guarantee the lasting results.


How I operate

African traditional healing focuses on spiritual connections in all that it does. With the gift of seeing and healing coming from ancestral ties, it is essential for me to connect with pure and good energies in my work. In doing so I allow myself to be more connected with positive energy and my sight can see beyond the naked eye.

Different methods are used to target issues and this ensures that all issues are dealt with accordingly. Coming from a community of healers, I am deeply concerned with people’s well-being. In serious cases where it requires me to see the client personally to assist, I will travel on request to wherever they are in the world. The opposite is also possible. 

I can promise you one thing; that is every problem has a solution. So no matter what you are going through, do not give up!


Other issues my spells can solve:

  • Back and Head pain
  • Get rid of bad luck
  • Gain appetite
  • Win the lottery or secure tenders for your business


Please note that results vary per person because solutions are developed in a tailored way. Also taking into account your own personal dynamics which play a role in how the spell manifests itself in your life.

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